Wrapping Up . . .

the 100th Annual Resorters Golf Tournament with Faces in the Crowd

August 24

Tom Lehman

Corky Krogstad

Kyle Lee

Erik Schultz

Ken & Jan Esala

Ruthie Obert & Gordy Anderson

Norty Blanchard (2) & Dave Berg (4)

Dave Berg

Ale Heinen, Alayna Eldred, Ciara O’Connor & Aisling O’Connor

Ciara O’Connor

Aisling O’Connor

Tom Vipond

Al Grundei

Dave Berg

Norty Blanchard

Kristen Hoskins & Ciara O’Connor

Faux 4th Estate

Ruthie Obert & Faux 4th Estate

Beryl & Don Waldeland

Gordy Anderson on Voice of Alexandria w/Joe Korkowski

George & Tricia Ladd

Roger & Barb Riley

Jerry Rose

AGC Club president

Gordy Anderson

John Perino

Jerry Rose

Ruth Anne & Randy Tronnes

Tom Mulder & Erik Schultz

Lisa Grimes

Ruthie Obert (in Dave Berg’s parking spot)

Chris Koza

Dave Kjos

Chris Haugen

Al Edenloff

Echo Press editor

Don Johnson

Judy & Don Johnson

Richie “Ranger Gord” Braun

Cora Larson

Hannah Boraas

Alayna Eldred & Ale Heinen

Jonny Mogambo

Judy Blaseg & John Engelen

Ruthie Obert & John Engelen

Alayna Eldred

Tom Ryan & Al Edenloff

Betsy Aldrich & Al Edenloff

Braeden Sladek

Wendy Kohler & fan

Championship crowd (photo on loan from Echo Press)

Golf is a game invented by the same people who think music comes out of a bagpipe. ~ Bob Williams

They say “practice” makes perfect. Of course, it doesn’t. For the vast majority of golfers it merely consolidates imperfection. ~ Henry Longhurst.

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