A Complete Abridged History of Music (Part 11)*

October 30

* In the greater Alexandria, Minnesota, standard metropolitan statistical area.

Art is the means we have for undoing the damage of haste. It’s what everything else isn’t. ~ Theodore Roethke

Today’s lead quote was learned yesterday during the last class of the Senior College Fall Season. The class, “Why We Need Poetry,” was taught by Joyce Sutphen from Gustavus Adolphus and is Minnesota’s Poet Laureate. And to think prior to class I was going to lead with: “Last night at Carnegie Hall, Jack Benny played Mendelssohn. Mendelssohn lost.” ~ Harold C. Schonberg

Anyway, here’s to 2015!

Paul Drinkwine @ CCW, January 2015

Josie Nelson @ CCW, February 2015

SAWA, February 2015

Anthony Miltich @ CCW, March 2015

Cheese Bots @ SAWA, March 2015

Dan Mahar @ SAWA, March 2015

Miko Cowdery & Friends @ Andria Theater, March 2015

SAWA, March 2015 (the Wall of Fame)

Andrew Walesch @ SAWA, April 2015

Anthony Miltich @ CCW, April 2015

CCW, April 2015

Salty Dogs @ CCW, April 2015

SAWA, April 2015

BAT @ Arrowwood, May 2015

BAT @ SAWA, May 2015

BAT @ CCW, May 2015

CCW, May 2015

Fabulous Armadillos @ Andria Theater, May 2015

MOTU @ SAWA, May 2015

[Dave Strom, Bill Engebretson & Wally Warhol]

Patchouli @ SAWA, May 2015

Harper’s Chord @ CCW, June 2015

(Micah Barrett on bass)

Josie Nelson @ CCW, June 2015

Josie Nelson @ CCW, June 2015

Lisa Lynn @ Jordie’s Trailside Cafe, Bowlus, June 2015

Patchouli @ CCW, June 2015

Salty Dogs @ CCW, June 2015

Anthony Miltich @ Bug-A-Boo Bay, July 2015

CCW, July 2015 (OK, not mine)

Components @ SAWA, July 2015

(Craig Peterson on bass)

Glen Everhart @ Arrowwood, July 2015

Jim & Anthony Miltich and Victor Facio @ CCW, July 2015

Things We Said Today . . .

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. ~  Friedrich Nietzsche

Up Next: Finish 2015

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