Grand Canyon 2004 (Part deux)

July 12

OK, I should have realized there would be more photos of Grand Canyon 2004.  Apologies.  But what I have deducted from finding ‘Part deux’ is that these photos are from film – Kodachrome 25, to be exact.  A film so popular that Paul Simon wrote a song about it.  I recall that because with the printed photos of the era, you would get a CD of those photos as part of the developing process –  and the most standard roll came with 24 exposures. And from other CD’s of the time I now recall this part of a ‘big ass’ driving tour of the American West.  (A member of the Fat Boys Walking Club recently had a couple of medical appointments.  When asked how they went, he replied he had CRS.  Requesting an interpretation, he replied ‘Can’t Remember Shit.’) . . .

[Mr. Tourist on the canyon’s Rim Trail . . . ]


[The Super, providing perspective . . . ]

153780-R1-2A - Copy

[Heading to Zion National Park.  ISO, The Whole-in-Wall Gang . . . ]

153780-R1-3A - Copy

[Hoodoos in Zion (though mostly associated with Bryce Canyon . . . ]

153780-R1-4A - Copy

[When you do, that hoodoo, that you know, so well . . . ]

153780-R1-5A - Copy

153780-R1-6A - Copy153780-R1-7A - Copy

[Angel’s Landing in Zion – as I’ve previously noted, I “climbed” the thing in the 80’s . . . ]


[And an unobstructed view . . . ]

153780-R1-9A - Copy153780-R1-10A - Copy

[This I remember!  Is there something about traffic jams?]

153780-R1-11A - Copy

[Checkerboard or crossword puzzle?]

153780-R1-12A - Copy

[Lake Powell in Northern Arizona . . . ]

153780-R1-13A - Copy

[So made by the Glen Canyon Dam . . . ]


[I remember the water level was very low and yet when we crossed over into Page, AZ, the sprinklers were running on the golf courses . . . ]

153780-R1-15A - Copy

[And here we are back at the big canyon again . . . ]

153780-R1-16A - Copy

[The Super reflecting a morning chill . . . ]

153780-R1-17A - Copy

[Quite a place . . . ]

153780-R1-18A - Copy153780-R1-19A - Copy153780-R1-20A - Copy

[A photo sighting of the trail down . . . ]

153780-R1-21A - Copy153780-R1-22A - Copy

[And I’m going to assume this is Bright Angel Trail . . . ]

153780-R1-23A - Copy

[I’m not a tourist, but I play one in blog posts . . . ]

153780-R1-24A - Copy

In fact, just about all the major natural attractions you find in the West – the Grand Canyon, the Badlands, the Goodlands, the Mediocrelands, the Rocky Mountains and Robert Redford – were caused by erosion.  ~  Dave Barry

Up Next:  Whatever I continue to find in the lower drawer . . .

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