Theatre L’Homme Dieu 2020

December 11

As the promo says . . . 

tlhd 2020

[Arriving at the Lure ahead of us was an obvious member of the Alexandria Area High School carolers . . . ]

12-11-19-1 - Copy

[An overflow crowd led to our booth seating overlooking the kitchen . . . ]

12-11-19-2 - Copy

[The view from our booth of the evening’s musical entertainment – Greg Donahue on violin (or fiddle, depending on the song) and Erik Schultz on guitar . . . ]

12-11-19-3 - Copy

[TLHD executive director Nicole Mulder addresses the assembled masses.  Theatre board president Fred Bursch stands ready on the left to assist Nicole or to bus tables . . . ]

12-11-19-4 - Copy

[The aforementioned assembled masses . . . ]

12-11-19-5 - Copy

[From multiple angles . . . ]

12-11-19-6 - Copy12-11-19-7 - Copy

[Nicole next invited Jessica Chipman, AAHS theatre arts director, and Isabella Greathouse, an AAHS student caroler and actor, to receive . . . ]

12-11-19-9 - Copy

[A donation from TLHD . . . ]

12-11-19-11 - Copy

[To help fund AAHS participation in the Edinburgh, Scotland, Theatre Festival next year.]

12-11-19-12 - Copy12-11-19-12-1 - Copy12-11-19-13 - Copy12-11-19-13-1 - Copy

[The high school carolers performed . . . ]

12-11-19-14 - Copy

[A second video was overwhelmed by the ambient sounds of the party . . . ]

[And now the presentation of the 2020 season . . . ]

12-11-19-17 - Copy12-11-19-18 - Copy

[And with recognition of Phil Eidsvold, who after 9 years on the board will now take on an emeritus status as organizer of the annual fundraising soiree . . . ]

12-11-19-19 - Copy

[A. J. Croce performs his father’s songs . . . ]

12-11-19-20 - Copy

[The Reminders are a rare and remarkable musical duo seamlessly blending soulful sounds and roots music with insightful messages and thoughtful lyrics. The group consists of Brussels-born emcee Big Samir and Queens-born emcee/ vocalist Aja Black, a collective creative force that’s hard to beat (]

12-11-19-22 - Copy

[Named after a haunting Bob Dylan song, Farewell Angelina is an all-female country group with four powerhouse vocalists, dynamic songwriters and accomplished multi-instrumentalists (]

12-11-19-23 - Copy

[“Ruthless! The Musical” is an all female musical that spoofs Broadway musicals. The musical premiered Off-Broadway in 1992 (Wikipedia).]

12-11-19-24 - Copy

[Three of America’s funniest stand-up comedians – Keith Alberstadt (replacing Pete Lee), Pat McGann and Pat Hazell – join forces to showcase their original humor, an evening packed with punch lines, clever writing and hair trigger laughs (Facebook).]

12-11-19-25 - Copy

[“Glensheen,” the smash musical by composer/librettist Chan Poling and bookwriter Jeffrey Hatcher.  The Congdon family tragedy splashed across the headlines of every newspaper in Minnesota.  Witness this dark musical that tackles the tale with wicked dialogue and evocative music (]

12-11-19-26 - Copy

[Nicole is either signaling peace, or, indeed, that there are still two more shows to come.]

12-11-19-27 - Copy

[President Bursch wraps up the proceedings with a history of TLHD . . . ]

12-11-19-28 - Copy12-11-19-29 - Copy

[Greg and Erik say “Merry Christmas” to all before Erik joins other snow birds in flights south . . .]

12-11-19-30 - Copy

[And that’s the final wrap.]

12-11-19-31 - Copy

What is that unforgettable line?  ~  Samuel Beckett

Up Next:  Back to Thanksgiving

One thought on “Theatre L’Homme Dieu 2020

  1. WOW!! Croce plays Croce!!! I’m in!! Great season ahead for TLHD. Really sorry to miss the boys playing and Fred’s history. But glad to see a nice big venue and lots of people attending. Congrats to the AAHS kids! Lots of good news here!


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