Nancy Flynn*

*  A/k/a, The Nanner

We received a shocking notice last week that Nancy had died on August 25.  We understand she had several medical issues and apparently an infection went to her heart.  She was a real character who developed quite a following in our home town.  We send our sincerest sympathies to her family.


Someone once queried, “Who is Nancy Flynn”?She was “The Nanner.”  The girlfriend before Ruthie . . . we all had them, didn’t we?  Anyway, she had a fan club on FB and the blog because of her sarcasm.  So I’d set her up to see what she’d come up with? Patty Wicken, whom she has never met, became a FB friend with her because she could hardly wait for The Nanner’s responses to me.  The Nanner was in the senior executive service (several levels above me) at the Department of Labor.  Our first date occurred because I made a dinner bet with her that my Gophers would beat her Wolverines (her alma mater) in football – a bet I knew I’d lose.  Our “relationship” lasted about three years but eventually died a natural death – we remained friends.  (10-18-15)

She has established a certain cult following on the ‘net for zinging me.  😉 She recently got a new job as Administrator for Centennial Planning for the 2013 Centennial of the U.S. Department of Labor.  By sheer coincidence, her class is celebrating its 45th reunion in Kalamazoo, Michigan, this weekend.  Before she left, here was her parting shot: “I’m sorry, but you look like an idiot.  What happened to you?  You used to be cute” (8-21-10).

I will intersperse photos throughout – to give you an idea what she was responding to.  You will note I made it easy for her.  🙂

Nobody cares!  ~  The Nanner (on most of my posts)

[She was one month older than me . . . ]


You look like their grandfather.  ~  The Nanner (9-10-07)

Once again Nancy Flynn gave me a good belly laugh. I didn’t know your grandpa. But you look NOTHING like my grandpa did at 60.  ~  Anonymous (for her sake, 9-11-07)

My 45th reunion is also this year in Kalamazoo, Michigan. We are so damn old.  ~  The Nanner (5-12-10)

[The Flynn family restaurant in Kalamazoo . . . ]



I believe the following were all her (6-12-10):
– Do you regularly wear a hat with your pajamas?
– Yes, the delete button on the computer works as well.
– There are some pictures that you really should not keep.  These would fall into that category.
– Is this new facial hair?  Did I start something by what I said last week?!?


From 6-29-11:
Did I send this before?  Greg Trumm with a telephoto lens across the gym.  OMG, I look like Uncle Deek!  ~  Me
I thought it was Uncle Deek, but the hat gave you away!  ~  Nanner
Nancy, you are so right.  The thumbnail picture looked like Deek until I opened it up and yikes, could that really be my older brother??!!!   ~  Gretchen
Yes, you definitely are an old Gooba and look like Uncle Dick.   ~  Gretchen
Funny.  ~  Nanner


Pathetic.  ~  The Nanner  (9-27-11)

The pictures are disturbing.  ~  The Nanner  (2-23-12)

Thank you!  You made my day!  ~  The Nanner (7-19-12)


That is a great poem [‘The Shirt”].  I have read books by Jane Kenyon and Donald Hall because of the Ann Arbor connection.  Donald Hall wrote a heartbreaking book of poetry after his wife’s death (Without).  The dinner sounds delicious and I’m sure it was much less expensive than a comparable dinner in the DC area!  ~  The Nanner (2-14-13)

Very pretty area.  The running commentary is not exactly scintillating, however.  ~  The Nanner (4-14-13)


Wonderful picture of Arlington and DC, and the Obert clan.  My late brother-in-law loved the Italian Store.  He and my sister and my niece would pick up sandwiches before they drove to Michigan in December and August.  I can’t believe Whitey’s is closed.  The fact than Anne Gross is still working makes me feel guilty, but it doesn’t seem to bother Bill.  The pictures of the poker group are priceless!  ~  The Nanner (4-18-13)

The pictures are beautiful. I love snow. It makes me homesick for Michigan.  ~  The Nanner (4-19-13)


I’m speechless!  ~  The Nanner (4-19-13, re The Fat Boys Walking Club)


Nut Goodies are awesome.  I liked Bit-O-Honey too.  I hope it catches on with Millennials because Boomers (including me) don’t want to eat anything that might pull out our fillings or break a tooth!  ~  The Nanner (5-10-13)


Tasteless and juvenile.  Just when I was beginning to think there might be hope for you.  ~ The Nanner (5-26-13)

Tasteless, but very funny!  ~  The Nanner (6-1-13, commenting on my life in general)

Happy Mother’s Day Ruth!  You look fantastic and Jami’s card and note was awesome! Question for Tom: Is anyone in Alexandria under 60?  ~  Nanner (6-1-13)

I’d be surprised if the Nanner doesn’t nail you (7-8-13).


From 10-20-13:                                                                                                                                   I’m sure your cruise was fantastic.  But Tom, on behalf of the Midwest you could have put on a tie.  ~  The Nanner
Nancy…if you don’t “reply to all” I won’t see your hilarious comments which make my day….including this one!!!  ~  Patty
I agree with Patty and I don’t even know Nancy.  (I do love her sense of humor.)  ~  Paul
She’s a hoot! Her incredible dry sense of humor…she can say more with two words than most people can with a paragraph…I have belly laughed so many times…  ~  Patty
You are being a wimp.  Medicare will pay for it and your doctor will say it is necessary.  I had both eyes done years ago and the improvement was amazing.  It is painless and easy. ~ The Nanner
Why do I want to kill myself every time I look at your pictures?  I know you guys have a much more interesting life than I do, but looking at all those old people is such a downer. My problem, not yours. I still love the pictures!  ~  The Nanner
That’s pretty funny!  ~  The Nanner


The following is a conversation between The Nanner and Crazy Dave (about moi). They have never met and live thousands of miles apart. One is a Wolverine and the other a Buckeye. Scarey!  (12-5-13):
I keep hoping you will grow up, but I don’t think it will happen!  ~  The Nanner
As soon as he is committed to a nursing home, he will realize!!!  ~  Cheers, Dave
Funny! Somehow I think he will be even worse.  ~  The Nanner
I believe he is prepared…I’ve been around him enough…btw he can’t get any worse…  ~  CD
I think you are right!  ~  The Nanner


I am so blessed to have known John and Natalia Obert.  Wonderful, brilliant people.  ~  The Nanner (12-5-13)

[A caricature by Libby Hendrix.]


Libby’s farewell was perfect-and well deserved.  I got to see a lot of people I worked with, which was great.  Bill Gross was festive in a yellow sweater and told me about your next planned cruise.  Tim Helm was festive and very funny as MC.  Libby’s speech was amazing and she was very gracious and appreciative.  Everyone seems to have grey hair.  I’m sticking with blonde until I can’t afford it anymore.  I will send you tidbits when/if I remember them!  ~  Nanner (12-8-13)

Ridiculous hat, but at least your mouth is closed.  ~  Nanner (12-30-13, and My nomination for the zinger of the year!  ~  Jim Pohl)

What a great trip!  I cannot believe Tom is drinking directly from the can!  That stuff is poison!  ~  Nanner (1-13-14)


Happy Birthday Gretchen!  What a cute picture.  I would have killed for a cake like that. Medicare is great.  You can fix everthing that you have been putting off!  ~  Nanner (2-18-14)

What is AAAA?  Alcoholics Anonymous for large groups?  ~  Nanner (3-3-14)

If you are from MN you have to at least pretend that you like hockey!  ~  Nanner (3-11-14)

You are all disgusting.  (You know who you are.)  ~  Nanner (4-5-14)


That is not good.  I have a theory that kids who live in places that cancel school all of the time have a disadvantage. I know that I am old, but when I was growing up in Michigan, school was very seldom closed because of snow.  Our mothers wanted us out of the house because there were so damn many of us!  ~  Nanner (4-29-14)

That was not even close to funny.  ~  Nanner (5-5-14)


He is not my idea of a dream–in fact he sounds like a nightmare.  I hope his former wife did not commit suicide.  I don’t have a leaky faucet.  ~  Nanner (5-6-14)

Incredibly beautiful architecture, art and scenery, not to mention the food and wine. They must hate American tourists, but it pays the bills.  ~  Nancy (7-3-14)


Eat your heart out.  ~  Nanner (7-22-14)

Enough of the picture already.  ~  Nanner (8-11-14)

Tom, your friends have better jokes that you do–not that that will discourage you!  ~ Nanner (8-22-14)


I am sure I am missing some beautiful pictures as well as opportunities for insults, but I never open the e-mails because I get kicked off e-mail and facebook when I open it and now that I am old I am lazy.  ~  Nanner (8-24-14)

That is so cute-a little disturbing-but cute!  ~  The Nanner (9-1-14)


The person or persons who introduced you to the camera should be hanged. She knows not what pain she has wrought. I rest my case.  ~  Nanner (9-10-14)

One more reason why I refuse to be photographed.  What were (some of them) thinking? Some of them look really good for their age.  That is the highest praise you can get when you are in your 60’s and estrogen has abandoned you.  ~  Nanner  (I thought that they all  looked good – wrinkles at a minimum or non existent!  ~  Rosie) (9-14-14)

I love it.  The movie got so-so reviews, but Bill Murray’s performance got raves.  The great thing about this scene is that he doesn’t give a damn and he looks happy.  And he dresses like Tom–on a good day!  ~  Nanner (10-29-14)


“s’pose?” Have you forgotten how to spell? Unacceptable.  ~  Nanner (3-3-15)

I never open links but I’m sure your pictures are lovely and your captions amusing.  ~ Nanner (4-3-15)

Count your blessings and stop bragging.  I’m addressing it to you.  We are so fortunate to have a pension, which is rapidly becoming a thing of the past.  ~  Nanner (4-14-15)

We REALLY don’t care about Minnesota either.  ~  Nanner (5-14-15)

Wonderful picture [of my folks] –– I still wear red lipstick!  ~  Nanner (6-18-15)

From 8-9-15:  I did not go home after the football game . . . I might have felt the urge to change my attire.  I figure the Super can dress for both of us.  Would you believe my entire wardrobe is over 20 years old  (The Nanner is disqualified from this event because of proprietary disinterest)?

You lost me at Mt. Rushmore.  ~  Nanner (12-18-15)

I’m sure all of your correspondents can hardly wait for your next trip.  God help us.  I stopped opening these links a year ago.  If narcissism could kill you, you would be dead.  ~ Nanner (1-6-16)


Eat your heart out Tiger.  ~  Nanner (3-6-16)

In your dreams.  ~  Nanner (3-26-16)

Oh God, the dreaded blog is starting.  ~  Nanner (5-10-16)


From 6-16-16:                                                                                                                                          Nahhhh, Nancy just likes to throw some sprinkles on the fire to make it sizzle. ~  Gretchen
God knows at our age we need all the sizzle we can get.  ~  Nanner

Blogging is not work.  I hope you realize that.  Any activity that you do not get paid for is not work.  Sadly, I think that means that you will never take a vacation from blogging.  ~ Nanner (7-4-16)

Ba Da Boom  ~  Nanner (7-18-16)

You need to get a life.  Please shoot me.  I’m just waiting to find someplace I want to visit.  So far, no luck.  ~  Nanner (9-8-17)

So tasteless  ~  Nanner (3-4-18)

That is so stupid and tasteless.  ~  Nanner (4-1-18)

Tasteless and juvenile  ~  Nanner (4-9-18)

Too many “selfies.”  Ruth is pretty.  You are not.  ~  Nanner (12-18-18)

And ending as we began . . . 


Oh, how we’re all going to miss her!

4 thoughts on “Nancy Flynn*

  1. What a shock to open mail and see this blog today. Can’t believe I never met this woman as she seems like an old friend after all these years. Perhaps we dined together once in Arlington? With her and LIbby? I remember hearing so many stories about her and Libby and Rose – you remained friends with all your GFs, no? They are like aunties and I am sad to see this one pass to the other side. Though I’m sure she’s sizzling up the place over there now.


  2. Would you believe that just last week the thought occurred to me that ‘Nancy’ had not been making her remarks lately? I remember asking you once who that gal was that she would make such sarcastic remarks! I really did enjoy seeing what she had to say though 🙂


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