Final Four: A Personal History

April 7

My first was 1976.  Indiana beat Michigan for the national championship, the last undefeated team to do so, at the Spectrum in Philadelphia.  For some reason I do not have a program from that Final Four.  The following, however, are all the rest.  I believe I have been to 24 between 1976 and 2010.  I missed a few years, here and there, when I was probably performing brain surgery.  We stopped going after 2010 for three practical reasons:  1) It was getting exceedingly difficult to score tickets through the lottery (several times we bought scalped tickets on the street), 2) basketball was not made to be played in football stadiums, and 3) the big screen home TV.  I appreciate all those road trips through the years – it’s how I saw the country.  For further background on all this go to:

1982 - Copy1983 - Copy1984 - Copy1985 - Copy1986 - Copy1986-1 - Copy1987 - Copy1988 - Copy1988-1 - Copy1989 - Copy1990 - Copy

1991 - Copy1991-1 - Copy1991-2 - Copy1992 - Copy1992-1 - Copy1993 - Copy1993-1 - Copy1993-2 - Copy1994 - Copy1994-1 - Copy1994-2 - Copy1995 - Copy1997 - Copy1998 - Copy1998-1 - Copy1998-2 - Copy1999 - Copy1999-1 - Copy1999-2 - Copy2000 - Copy2000-1 - Copy

2001 - Copy2004 - Copy2005 - Copy2005-1 - Copy2006 - Copy2010 - Copy

[And the 1943 Cardinals were: Walt Grodahl, Lawrence Schmidt, Captain Hal Haskins, Pat White, Duane Brown, Don Nelson, Leigh Peterson, Oliver Pederson, Stan Max, Lyle Bergner, Coach Harry Falk, and Manager Romaine Lake.]

alex 1943 - Copygophers 2004 - Copy

Not only is there more to life than basketball, there’s a lot more to basketball than basketball.  ~  Phil Jackson

Up Next:  Spain (again) . . .

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