Alexandria Area High School Christmas Concert

December 16

It was time, once again,  for the annual blockbuster event of the year . . .

aahs christmas - Copyaahs christmas2 - Copyaahs christmas3 - Copyaahs christmas4 - Copyaahs christmas5 - Copyaahs christmas6 - Copy

[If you arrive early, you get the seats that would be given to the President of the United States if such person ever deigned to attend . . . ]

12-16-18-1 - Copy

[The regular crowd shuffles in.  The stage was set to make visions of sugar plums dance in our heads.  The mid-December temperature was in the low 40’s (really!) and though a statewide team known as the Vikings were on TV, the first of back-to-back performances drew near a full house . . . ]

12-16-18-2 - Copy

[The house lights dims; anticipation rises . . . ]

12-16-18-3 - Copy

[Every year the kids amaze me.  And every year I’m still amazed that I’m amazed . . .]

12-16-18-4 - Copy

[Two Alex Class of ’65 classmates (one who has for some reason lived in Texas for the past 25 years or so) witnessed the event for the first time and were equally impressed . . . ]

12-16-18-4-1 - Copy

[So, again, kudos must go to Steve Dietz and Brad Lambrecht as the masters of ceremony for the choir and orchestra, respectively.  And the annual narrations by Bob Hines.  They have the program running like a well oiled machine . . . ]

12-16-18-5 - Copy

[And look at the student participation rates.  We’re going to have to build a bigger stage!]

12-16-18-5-1 - Copy

[And a little apres-concert ensemble music to go with beverages and cookies!]

12-16-18-6 - Copy

[The 2018 Alexandria Area High School Carolers:  SOPRANO:  Ki Blaser, Sydney Christenson, Ari Janssen, Olivia Maday; ALTO:  Nicole Brittin, Madeline Dudley, Emily Elliott, Lauren Russell;  TENOR:  Matthew Adolphsen, Valon Deising, Gabe Moore, Andy Tollin; BASS:  Colin Barten, Beau Granning, Sam Maier, Nick Nelson (photo on loan from]

AAHS 2018 carolers

It’s easy to play any musical instrument: all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself.  ~  Johann Sebastion Bach

Up Next:  It’s the holiday season; I have no idea . . .

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