Яussia*, do svidaniya

June 12

Do svidaniya (“until the next meeting”)

The weary travelers head for home on Day 17 . . . 

[As we were leaving the ship for the last time, I turned to our crew and said, “do svidaniya.”  It’s a phrase I’ve heard many times in movies involving Russians.  It’s a polite way of saying “until we meet again” instead of the more final “good bye.”  I then heard one of the crew say to another, “Where’d that come from?”  Ha!]

20180612-1 - Copy

[Alexey guided us one last time, helping us navigate through the airport procedures to get to our gate.  It was a piece of cake, easier than any other airport we’ve been through . . . ]

20180612-2 - Copy

[We came home via Paris . . . ]

20180612-3 - Copy

[The Super lined up a little extra leg room for us . . . ]

20180612-4 - Copy

[I don’t sleep and now can’t recall all the movies I watched over and back . . . ]

20180612-5 - Copy

[I believe one was Three Billboards Outside EbbingMissouri . . . ]

20180612-6 - Copy

[Little did we realize while winging our way home . . . ]

20180612-7 - Copy

[That four months later we would be taking our third overseas junket of the year – to Spain.  Well, it would be four if Wisconsin counted as being overseas.]

20180612-8 - Copy

Adventure, yeah.  I guess that’s what you call it when everybody comes back alive.  ~  Mercedes Lackey

Up Next:  Spain . . . or hockey?

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